Find the Classical Music you are looking for - Classical Music Recommendations

Classical music has something for everyone. It spans from the Middle Ages to the present day and contains an almost infinite variety in composers, styles, instruments, musical forms, and emotions.

Within this vast musical genre there are styles or composers that are right for you. To find what type of classical music is right for you ask yourself what am I looking for. Are you looking for relaxing, exciting, sad, stimulating, intense, fun, weird, or uplifting music? Are you looking for piano music, symphonies, opera, choral music, electronic music, or string quartets?

The idea is to find the type of classical music that makes a personal connection with you. If you like Mozart and don’t like Schoenberg, or if you don’t like Mozart but you like Schoenberg that’s okay because there is other classical music that is best suited for you.

I'm a composer and performer and I've been exploring classical music for the past 25 years. I've found some of my favorite pieces of classical music and I'd like to share my recommendations with you. Knowing what you like will help you when you explore and listen to classical music. Start by narrowing down what you are looking for by exploring the composers and pieces on this website and deciding what you like best.